Electric blue vintage leather suit: As great today as is it always has been

I love this electric blue vintage leather suit by T.A.L.C. and it looks so good on me with a red leather tie, blue leather driving gloves and white leather classic Adidas trainers

If you are a regular reader of my blog you probably know this by now, but a lot of my collection is vintage leather. This is no different for this electric blue leather suit but T.A.L.C (The Absolute Leather Company). In fact this is probably about the most entirely vintage outfit that I have shared on here: the only part of this suit that is in any way new is the shirt. And my underwear. Moving swiftly on…

The stitching detail on the jacket of my electric blue vintage leather suit

From what a quick Google reveals, The Absolute Leather Company was founded in 1995 and ceased trading in 2004. In those nine years they must have produced a lot of leather clothing given how much is still available on eBay at the time of writing this article. I wouldn’t say that the quality of the leather that they used is the softest, but they did make clothes that last.

Yes there are some small flaws in the leather used in the trouser suit – slight unevenness in the colour, pock marks and bumps in the leather, and a bit of a wonky cut on the jeans, but they are a great fit on me. Besides which, have you seen any new leather fashions in this electric blue colour recently? It’s for this reason that I love this biker style leather suit.

The perfect fit of the trouser from my electric blue vintage leather suit

This photo shoot was voted for by my subscribers. It was the winner of a Daily Leather poll towards the end of 2021, the result of which put it on my shortlist to eventually do a full photoset in. Every week I share outfits of my day-to-day leather outfits with my subscribers and they let me know which outfit was their favourite each week. When I originally wore and photographed this outfit, I didn’t sport the lovely vintage red leather tie, but everything else has remained the same.

The statement belt that I wore with my electric blue vintage leather suit

Over the years, the gloves have seen a lot of wear. In fact they used to live in the glove box of my car! How many people actually use their glove box for keeping glove in these days?! There is something very satisfying about driving a car whilst wearing a proper pair of leather driving gloves. And one of the best things about keeping this particular pair in the car was the delicious aroma that would greet me whenever I opened the door.

The Adidas trainers are a little less vintage than the suit and gloves, but still a good 15 years old. I can say that with all certainty because I have had them since new, and they still look like pristine. Yes the blue stripes are little darker than the electric blue of the suit, but it works well and matches the gloves. It was the red stripe that inspired me to add the little extra icing on this leathery cake in the form of the vintage red leather tie.

The white leather trainers by Adidas with their classic blue and red stripes that I wore with my electric blue vintage leather suit

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Jacket: TALC
Jeans: TALC
Shirt: Florence and Fred
Tie: Vintage
Belt: Vintage
Trainers: Adidas
Gloves: Vintage

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Standing tall in my electric blue vintage leather suit with vintage red leather tie, vintage dark blue leather driving gloves and classic Adidas trainers
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  • Fashion AvengerMe too ! , Direct link to comment

    Have some designer make a copy of Western cowboy wear similar to either Nathan Turk or more recent Nudie Cohn of Hollywood fame . Women look great dressed as either Roy Rogers or Gene Autry or The Lone Ranger or Tom Mix or Hopalong Cassidy !

  • Fashion AvengerMe too ! , Direct link to comment

    Make these Western cowboy designer style pants into leather versions !

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