Out and about in my daily leather: Sneaking in an urban leather fashion photoshoot

Sharing one of my daily leather outfits and having fun being out in my leather leggings by Topshop

It goes without saying that I wear leather every day, and share photos of my daily outfits with my Patreon and OnlyFans subscribers. These though are usually taken from the comfort of my wardrobe room, so it makes for a pleasant change to get outdoors in my everyday leathers to visit new places and experience more than just my own reflection in the mirror! This was the case when I recently spent a day in Milton Keynes to catch a photography exhibition of the noted street photographer Vivian Maier.

I had also planned to have a look around the shops and knowing that I would be doing a good amount of walking, I wanted to make sure that whatever I wore was comfortable. I wanted to make sure that I looked (and felt) great because if the opportunity presented itself to do a photoshoot, then I needed to be dressed appropriately.

The lovely contrasting black leather and suede panels of what could be a pair of daily leather leggings

I have plenty of leather outfits that I consider “daily leather”, i.e. items that I can wear all day, to do every day jobs and chores in. They might fall into that category because they were second hand, cheap and well-worn already, or because I feel that I have had my wear value out of them. These leather and suede leggings and black leather court shoes might fall under the latter of those daily leather banners, but they are by no means to be worn without care.

The leggings joined my collection in late 2009 and I have worn them on many a day out or shopping jaunt. They are comfortable enough to wear everyday, but the suede panels offer something different and raise them slightly above a “daily leather” status. The shoes as well are one of my go-to pairs when I want to stride out in comfort whilst giving myself an extra bit of height and adding a sexy swagger to my stride.

I love these black leather leggings and heeled court shoes, they are comfy enough to spend a whole day in

With the weather turning a little more autumnal, I wanted to make sure that I didn’t get too cold, nor overheat. A short sleeved top sounded like a good idea, but I also wanted something that would tuck into the leather leggings so that my back didn’t feel the chill. This three-quarter sleeved top seemed like a sensible choice, as it did when it last appeared on my blog here.

Given that I feel the cold first and foremost in my hands, a pair of gloves was an absolute must. I will admit that the pair I chose are not the tightest of fits, but given that I would probably be slipping them on and off a lot during the day, this wasn’t so much of an issue. There is nothing quite so pleasant as easing a tightly fitting pair of leather gloves on and off your hands, but it takes time and I really don’t want those sorts of pairs getting crushed in the bottom of my handbag.

These gloves by Dents might not be the tightest but they kept my hands warm on a day out in Milton Keynes

The finishing touch was a jacket. A leather jacket would definitely have looked the part for this daily leather outfit, but again, I didn’t want to damage it by slinging it over my handbag or shoving in the bottom of one of my shopping bags. The answer came in the shape of this linen jacket by Mango. I love the shape of it and the fact that it doesn’t crease that easily, but the down side of that is that it is a fluff magnet.

Having spent about ten minutes before leaving getting the jacket clean of hair and the like with a clothes brush, I was frustrated to find that no sooner than I had got out of the car at the other end, there was nearly as much fluff and hair on it as I’d just taken off! At least I was able to clean some of it off in the bathroom.

As we walked around Milton Keynes, there was something fun about exploring a different location and shooting out in the open against interesting architecture and backdrops. It is something that I would like to do more of and hopefully will be able to do so.

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Leggings: Topshop
Shoes: River Island
Jacket: Mango
Bodysuit: River Island
Gloves: Dents

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One of the interesting locations I found to photograph my black leather and suede leggings, black leather court shoes, black leather and red suede gloves and linen jacket
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