Encased in delicious black leather and “feline purr-fect” in my catsuit

Feeling perfect in my beautiful black leather catsuit by Leatherotics

I have a few different leather catsuits in various different colours and it would be fair to say that each of them has its own unique charm. This one was actually bought on a whim. The measurements implied that it would fit me, but I didn’t truly know until it dropped onto my doorstep.

One thing that sets this and my other Leatherotics catsuits apart from the others in my collection is that fact they are unlined. The leather is the softest full grain that you can imagine and the suede on the inside matches the outside in its delicious creaminess.

A black leather baseball cap and long leather gloves were the finishing touches for my black leather catsuit by Leatherotics

The fit is perfect on me and the zips at the cuffs on the catsuit mean that I can get a lovely pair of longer leather gloves of equal quality underneath to completely encase me in delicious black leather. The pair of gloves that I chose had come from a local thrift shop that has a bit of a reputation for not caring about its leather stock, which is a shame because they often have some beautiful items.

On this occasion I was very pleasantly surprised to find that not only were these black leather gloves not ruined by a security tag being jabbed through the palm, but they didn’t look to have been thrown around on the floor and used to wipe up the dust! Needless to say, they were quickly added to my collection.

The Zara platform boots that gave me the perfect lift in my black leather catsuit

With something as perfectly fitting on my lower half, you need a good lift in order to properly show off the clingy fit. A good pair of heels was called for. I didn’t want to go for one of my pairs of stiletto court shoes as that would show off a bit of foot and ruin the completely encased black leather look that I was after. This meant it could only be a pair of boots.

This pair of boots are different to most others in my collection not only because of the zip up the back, but also the fact that the toe is a single panel of soft black leather. This worked really well with the catsuit and gave the right amount of lift to show off my derriere.

The silver studded belt that I wore with my black leather catsuit

With the catsuit’s large belt loops I needed to wear a statement belt that was eye catching but didn’t detract from the sleekness of the outfit so far. Several that I tried were just a little too ostentatious, but this one by Antoniazzi Firenze was spot on with its silver criss-cross studding. A pair of pair of plain silver earrings picked up on this but also keep the bling to a minimum and allowed the leather to really shine.

Just as I was starting to admire myself in the mirrors, I felt that something was missing. It was at that point that I remembered that I had a black leather cap that I had styled with a different catsuit earlier in the year. Getting it out of the box it is kept in, I put it on and smiled knowing that my outfit was finally complete.

In fact the overall ensemble was so good that what was intended to be a quick snap of a daily leather outfit ended up turning into not only a full blown photoshoot, but also a video shoot as well. This enabled me to capture the amazing sound that the catsuit and gloves made as I gently moved around. It’s just a pity that I can’t share with you the heavenly aromas that filled the air as the leather warmed up.

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Catsuit: Leatherotics
Boots: Zara
Gloves: Labonia
Belt: Antoniazzi Firenze
Cap: Ted Baker

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Admiring myself in my black leather catsuit by Leatherotics
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