Autumn colours with my fantastic mink fur and stretch leather trousers

Admiring the autumnal colours of my H&M mink stretch leather trousers with mink fur jacket

I always look forward to the autumn. The colours of nature as the leaves turn from green to brown through vibrant shades of scarlet and gold. The bounty of berries and other food that is offered up to be picked straight off the bush and eaten. And the growing chill in the air that signals it is time to unpack my furs for the colder months ahead, including this mink fur jacket.

Whilst I have a copious amount of leather in my collection, I don’t have a lot of fur, which I think needs to be sorted. I have even less real fur as good hasn’t been easily available at the quality the I would want. That being said, over the years the calibre of the imitation fur that is being sold on the high street has improved greatly. This “mink fur” jacket lives next to my wolf fur, and it is the aroma more than anything that differentiates them.

The reason I picked this fur jacket out rather than one of my other ones was because of a pair of stretch leather trousers that I got whilst on a recent visit to Milton Keynes. Having enjoyed the photography exhibition we had gone there to see as well as doing an impromptu photo shoot, it felt rude not to wander round the shops and see if there were any leathery goodies in my size. After a couple of hours with no success, I went into H&M. I wasn’t holding out much hope although they have done some really lovely leathers in the past including this dress.

The lovely detail on my tan three-quarter length leather gloves that I wore with my H&M mink stretch leather trousers with mink fur jacket

As expected, most of what was on show was the tail end of the summer collection and some “New In” oversized linen jackets in 80s neon colours and ruffled shirts. Neither of which are really my style. Circling round the sale rails at the back of the store, something caught my eye. On further inspection it was a pair of stretch leather trousers that just happened to be in my size. According to H&M, the colour of these lovely leather pants is (I kid you not) “Dark Greige”. In my book they are more a shade of mink.

When I got home I had to try them on again and it was the perfect excuse to explore my collection to find the right accessories. I remembered that I had picked up a pair of leather ankle boots in a similar colour a few years back and wondered if they would work together, especially as the trousers are shorter on the leg and slightly flared at the ankle. As it happened, they were ideal. Not only were the colours complimentary, but I also got to show off the gold buckles on the boots.

Close up the buckle detail of the mink leather River Island ankle boots that I wore with my H&M mink stretch leather trousers with mink fur jacket

This then got me wondering about my mink fur jacket. Would that be as good a match or would the three colours clash slightly. There was only one way to find out. Out came the jacket and once again, my instincts were spot on.

As far as a top was concerned, I decided that whilst I could pick out a close fitting one in a similar colour, the skinny fit, short leg nature of the mink leather trousers would work really well with the opposite on top, namely a plain white oversized t-shirt. Now I know that October here in the UK isn’t exactly the weather for short sleeves, but with a big, cosy mink fur jacket on, I was certain that I would be warm enough.

The perfect fit of my H&M mink stretch leather trousers and oversized whit t-shirt

Once more, the only choice I had left to make was a pair of gloves. Again I wanted to keep them on a similar colour pallet to the rest of my outfit. I also wanted to ensure that I wouldn’t end up with any skin being on show to the chilling breeze that was rustling through the trees. The obvious answer was a pair of longer leather gloves. Yes they would be hidden from the wrist up, but there would be no risk of me getting chills up my arms. I settled on a three-quarter length beige pair by Next with a ruching detail.

With my outfit finalised, I was about to head off to do another outdoor shoot, but the weather started to turn. This forced me to stay inside but that wasn’t a problem as I got to lounge around on my leather bedding that has also come out of storage for the winter.

The beauty of my H&M mink stretch leather trousers with mink fur jacket and tan leather gloves on my brown leather bed sheets

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Trousers: H&M
Top: Mango
Jacket: Today’s Woman
Boots: River Island
Gloves: Next

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Naking sure that my H&M mink stretch leather trousers are sat perfectly with my dark beige leather boots by River Island whilst wearing my mink fur jacket
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