Gold leather tracksuit: Kill Bill’s golden bride

Feeling amazing in my vintage gold leather tracksuit by Karen Millen, Dents brown leather gloves and gold leather boots by Carvela

As much a black leather can really shine and glisten under the right light, nothing quite compares to this vintage gold leather tracksuit by Karen Millen. Over the years it has had a fair amount of wear, but despite this, it is still in great condition with the metallic leather showing no signs of peeling (at the moment).

There are several things that set this outfit apart from many other trouser suits that I have in my collection, aside from the colour that is. Taking the jacket first, it has a two-way zip that goes from bottom to top. I don’t have any other jackets like this. Yes some have zips that do go all the way from waist to neck, but none of them are two way. Another aspect of the jacket that is unique in my wardrobe is the cut.

The exquisite shine of my vintage gold leather tracksuit by Karen Millen with brown leather zip detail gloves by Dents

Unlike just about every other jacket I own, there is no tailoring across the bust of this gold leather jacket. There is a bit of natural give in the leather, but given the close fit of the jacket, it does flatten down my petite bosom. That is unless I wear a well padded bra underneath.

The leather tracksuit trousers are a good close fit too from the knee up. Indeed there have been occasions when they haven’t been the most comfortable fit around the waist. Even at my most trim there is little room to tuck anything in to the track pants. It is for this reason that when I wear this gold leather outfit I tend to wear one of my bodysuits. On this occasion I chose a black lace one.

The perfect fit of my vintage gold leather tracksuit by Karen Millen

If you can take yours eyes off the beauty of the gold leather, one design aspect of this tracksuit worth noting is the contrasting bronze leather cuffs on the jacket and stripes down the outside leg of the trousers and under arm of the jacket. For me, this brings to mind the yellow leather biker outfit that Uma Thurman wears in Kill Bill Vol. 1.

The contrasting bronze leather striped on my vintage gold leather tracksuit by Karen Millen

Okay, her outfit was a one-piece and she was sporting a pair of yellow leather trainers by Onitsuka Tiger too, whereas here I’ve gone for heeled boots – but I think they work particularly well because of the bootcut nature of the trousers. Also they have the same delicious shine as the tracksuit and the block heel means that the ankles won’t drag on the floor.

The gorgeous gold leather ankle boots by Carvela that I wore with my vintage gold leather tracksuit by Karen Millen

Of all the colours of leather gloves I have, gold is not amongst them. I have yet to find a pair of metallic leather gloves that are either a good fit or have the same soft tactile nature as the rest of my gloves. Until I get my hands on such a pair of leather gloves I shall just have to make to with pairs that complement this gold leather tracksuit, such as these wonderful brown leather ones with zip detailing.

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Jacket: Karen Millen
Trousers: Karen Millen
Lace Bodysuit: Zenana Outfitters
Boots: Carvela
Gloves: Dents

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The perfect shine of my vintage gold leather tracksuit by Karen Millen with black lace top
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