How much beautiful black leather is too much black leather?

My beautiful black leather suit in all its soft and glistening glory

I’m often asked what my favourite leather suit is. Be it because of the colour, fit, style or any other descriptor, each suit I put together has it’s own charm. There is one though that really does stand out from all the rest… and that is this pure black leather one.

Once again, this isn’t a trouser suit in its truest sense. Indeed all of the items that make it up are not only from different brands, but none of them were bought at the same time. The item in this leather suit that I have had in my collection the longest is the leather shirt.

The amazing black leather shirt that formed the basis of my all black leather suit with the three point black leather gloves by Dents

I bought this way back in 2003 when my burgeoning collection was still able to fit comfortably into a single small cupboard! I remember it was a visit to an outlet shopping village late in the year. We were just about to call it a day and decided to see what was in the Jaeger outlet.

Now I will be the first to say the Jaeger as a label had never really appealed to me as I always associated the brand with more mature women, and thus a less formal and tailored cut. I do however know that over the years they have done some good quality items of leather. Wandering around the shop I smelt the distinct aroma of soft leather and following my nose, I was lead to this gorgeous, perfectly fitting shirt.

The black leather belt my Jeff Banks that I wore with my black leather suit

The vintage leather necktie is the next oldest item. I have eBay to thank for this, along with all of my leather ties. Whilst I do like a Double Windsor knot, a Half Windsor works the best in this case due to the tie being quite wide. This also means that I don’t risk putting too many deep creases into the thick black leather.

It was 2011 that the trousers entered my collection and if I was going to have any pair or leather pants duplicated into as many colours as possible, it would be this pair. The front is uninterrupted by any pockets allows them to sit perfectly flat. A single slit pocket on the rear gives them a classic style that allows a very pleasing view from behind. The legs are also a spot on fit and length for me.

The single bum pocket on the Marks and Spencer trousers of my all black leather suit

Next up are the leather jacket and gloves. They were bought about a month apart in late 2012 from Mango and Dents respectively. Back then I went for a shopping trip up in London at least a couple of times a year, especially around sale time. On that particular visit this lovely black leather smoking jacket was one of the goodies that I returned with.

Finally we get to the Firetrap shoes, which only joined my collection in May this year. Officially they are boys shoes, but with my petite feet and penchant for wanting a masculine look inmy suits, they are spot on, especially with this amazingly soft black leather suit. Even though I have only worn the shoes a couple of times so far, they are incredibly comfortable.

The lovely black leather Oxford shoes I wore with my all black leather trouser suit as well as the beautiful Dents gloves

Having taken nearly 200 pictures of this sublime black leather suit, I had the unenviable task of whittling it down to a more manageable 40 to share. For access to all these photos, why not head over to my OnlyFans or Patreon page and subscribe.


Shirt: Jaeger
Trousers: Marks and Spencer
Jacket: Mango
Tie: Vintage
Shoes: Firetrap
Gloves: Dents
Belt: Jeff Banks

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Feeling amazing in my all black leather suit
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    This ins stunning!

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      Thank you. Check out the link at the end of the article for exclusive subscriber content including videos, full HQ photo sets and pictures of my day-to-day leather outfits

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