Killer spiked heels and red leather skirt suit

Feelink good in my red leather skirt suit and killer spiked heels

Sometimes I see a pair of shoes and fall madly in love with them. Other times, I see a pair and a nefarious grin comes to my lips as my eyes mischievously twinkle. This was the case when I saw this pair of killer spiked heels.

I was a little unsure about them at first. The toe is very square and has a higher vamp style that doesn’t show off any toe cleavage. Then there was the chunky heel and all those spikes and studs on them. Never the less, I slipped them on and, having a bit of a devilish streak, my mind quickly turned to the damage that the heels could do, all whilst walking around in comfort.

Black leather spiked heel shoes that I wore with my red leather skirt suit

There are a few issues when it comes to actually wearing these particular spiked heel shoes. The first one is taking them on and off. I tend to hold a pair of shoes by the heel to don and remove them, but as you can imagine, this isn’t exactly practical for this pair. Once they are on, the next issue is navigating things like the stairs, sitting on sofas and crossing ones legs. All of which are everyday activities that we do without thought but have caused me issues when I have worn these court shoes over the years.

Beautiful black leather gloves with silver eyelet detail to reveal re silk underneath

To pick up on the impressive silver spikes and studs on court shoes and the red leather skirt suit that I was planning on wearing with them, there was one pair of gloves that immediately came to mind. They were this over-wrist pair with silver eyelets that reveal a sumptuous red silk lining to contrast the super soft, plain black leather of the outside. Having chosen my accessories and the white cropped sleeved bodysuit I was also going to wear, it was time for me to slip into the skirt suit.

The front split on my red leather skirt reveals plenty of leg

Something that sets this skirt in particular apart from just about all the other ones in my collection is the split. I have a lot of leather skirts with kick splits and vents of various lengths, but this is the only one that I can think that has a split like this at the front. It did confuse me at first, but after looking carefully at the cut and shape of the skirt I soon noticed that zip did indeed belong at the back and the split at the front. The advantage of this is that I can show of plenty of leg when I cross my legs.

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Skirt Suit: River Island
Top: Miss Selfridge
Shoes: Office
Gloves: Dents

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Reverse angle showin ogg my killer spiked heel shoes and red leather skirt suit in all its glory
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