Tan leather shirt and trousers: A winning combination

My beautiful tan leather outfit in all it's toffee coloured glory

Every weekday I share candid pictures of my day to day leather outfits. This delicious tan leather shirt and trousers was one such outfit. I know it might sound a bit extravagant being top to toe in leather to just spend the day roaming around the house, but given how much I love my leather, why shouldn’t I?

The butter soft tan leather of my Burberry shirt

Let’s start with this buttery soft tan leather shirt. It is vintage Burberry, and each of the buttons even sport the “Burberry” moniker on them! Another lovely touch is that they are all stitched on in the same orientation, something that a lot of people and brands overlook.

The shirt itself is unlined which leaves the creamy suede to brush against my skin as I move. This also means that as I warm up the leather, it releases it’s amazing aroma right under my nose – literally.

A pair of dark tan leather cowboy boots sit perfectly with my tan leather trousers

Where the shirt is very soft and buffed to a high sheen, the tan leather trousers by Next are more of a matt texture. They are still lovely and soft, but don’t have quite the same shine. The colour though is a perfect match though, so is it any wonder that it won an Outfit of the Week poll over on my Patreon and OnlyFans pages.

In the original photo of the outfit, I had a pair of heeled black platform boots on, but for the photoshoot I decided to ring the changes and slip on a pair of cowgirl boots. I think that these actually worked better because they were a more appropriate colour tone and style to complement the rest of the outfit.

The snake print back of my delicious tan leather gloves

Another change that I made from the original outfit was adding a pair of gloves. Whilst I do wear gloves in the house, it isn’t always practical to do so. Especially when I’m sat in the office or cooking! The pair that I picked out were another vintage pair, this time by Burfield. What caught my eye, and I’m sure it has caught yours too, is the contrast between the tan snake print leather across the back of the hand and the plain leather of the rest of the glove.

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Trousers: Next
Shirt: Burberry
Boots: Look
Gloves: Burfield

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The perfect fit of my tan leather trousers by Next
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    • Fashion Avenger. , Direct link to comment

      Yes ; very sensual outfit. Great cowboy outfit ! Wished my American cowboy heroes wore this outfit !

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