A classic black leather suit never goes out of style

Relaxing on my leather sofa in my classic black leather suit

There is something timeless about a black leather suit. Especially when a pair of perfectly form-fitting stretch leather trousers is at the heart of it. This pair came from H&M and were part of their standard collection one year.

The perfect fit of my stretch black leather trousers that formed the base of this classic leather suit

As with so much in my collection, they are deliciously soft and, of course, a perfect fit as you can see. This is very much down to the elastane backed stretch leather that they are made from. Whenever I wear them, they do mould beautifully to my shape, but unlike non-stretch leather, so far they have always returned to their original shape without any unsightly bag at the knees.

Being that they are not absolutely skintight right to the ankles, they work really well with a pair of ankle boots. On this occasion I went for a pair of highly glossy burgundy leather lace-up boots by Aldo. These contrasted beautifully with the slightly more matt leather of the leggings as well as adding a splash of colour that I could further build into the leather suit.

A striped silk tie can work very well with a striped shirt

Unusually, I decided on which tie to have before I’d picked out a shirt. With the shiny burgundy leather boots, a similarly shiny silk tie seemed appropriate and this one had a very similar colour in one of the stripes. This then encouraged me to pick other colours from the tie for my shirt and accessories.

There seems to be an unwritten rule in fashion that you shouldn’t wear a striped shirt with a striped tie. Especially when the stripes are of similar sizes. Regular readers of my blog however will know that I have a thing about fashion rules and throwing them out of the window. “My style, my way” I say. And it was with this mantra in my head that I went straight for this blue and white striped shirt.

The plain black leather gloves by Dents that I wore with my timeless leather suit

With plenty of colour to offset the creamy black leather of the trousers, it was time to finish accessorising. As the shirt was double (or French) cuff, first on my hit list was a pair of cuff links. The choice was obvious and I picked out a chunky pair of black and blue ones. With the amazing fit of the stretch leather trousers, I couldn’t in all good consciousness hide my posterior under a traditional hip length suit jacket. This one by Oasis was the perfect choice and it isn’t the first time that I have worn it with a pair of skinny leather trousers.

The final flourish was a pair of gloves. Of course they had to be black leather and what could be more perfect than a pair of super soft plain ones by Dents? And with that my classic black leather suit was complete.

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Jacket: Oasis
Leggings: H&M
Shirt: T.M. Lewin
Tie: Dents
Belt: Marks & Spencer
Boots: Aldo
Gloves: Dents

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Feeling confident in my black leather suit and double cuff shirt
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