Fantastic vintage leather suit in festive red

My vintage leather suit in all its red leather glory

As we head rapidly towards the mid-winter festivals, it seems appropriate to share this red leather suit with you. Both the jacket and trousers are vintage leather and are once again proof that they really don’t make quality leather items like they used to.

If I had to choose one jacket in my collection to have copied into different colours I would probably choose this red leather one by Episode. The lines are so sharply tailored that you could almost cut yourself on them. And the fit across the shoulders is perfect. One detail that I really like is the breast pocket, which isn’t very common on women’s blazers. I just had to take advantage of this and get myself a pocket square to show off and add an extra layer of timeless style to the jacket.

Patent black leather shoes work so well with my vintage red leather trousers

The trousers on the other hand very much show that they are vintage leather. The high waisted nature of them coupled with the paper-bag pleating just below the wide waistband gives them away as being made in the 80s. The vibrancy and quality of the red leather however is still amazing. They are as soft and supple as they would have been back when they were first made. And most surprisingly, the red coating on the popper stud fastenings is undamaged!

The beautiful satin shirt by Hawes and Curtis perfectly offsets the vibrant red of this vintage leather suit

I wanted to contrast all the bright red of the vintage leather with darker colours for my shirt and accessories and a dark blue satin double cuff shirt by Hawes and Curtis offered the exquisite counterpoint. I have quite a few shirts by them and they really are lovely quality. The satin is soft and not too clingy as well as them being a perfect fit on me. A narrow red spotted tie and dragonfly cuff links brought everything together delightfully.

Jewelled dragonfly cuff links, a red spotted tie and classic black leather three point silk lined gloves by dents are the perfect accessories for this vintage red leather suit

The final pieces of the outfit were the footwear and gloves. There was really only one choice of colour and that was black. The patent leather of the shoes picked up on the shine of the satin shirt and a classic pair of silk lined three-point gloves by Dents were a given.

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Jacket: Episode
Trousers: Unknown (vintage)
Shirt: Hawes & Curtis
Tie: Limited Collection by Marks and Spencer
Shoes: Autograph for Marks and Spencer
Gloves: Dents

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The perfect fit of my vintage red leather suit
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